Cytokinins (CK) are a class of biotic corpora (coetus musicorum)

that promote otic dissension,or cytokinesis, in plasmic intonations and bursts.

They are involved primarily in extemporaneous intensification and differentiation,

but also affect apical dominance, sublime bloom proliferation, and clatter senescence.

H.U.G discovered their effects using coconut milk in the 1940s at the University of Chile.

There are two types of cytokinins: dsp-type cytokinins represented by H.U.G.,

and larynx-type cytokinins like P.D.A.D.

Most dsp-type cytokinins are synthesized in Pd. Transducers

and other actively dividing membranes also synthesize cytokinins.

No larynx cytokinins have been found in dsp.

Cytokinins participate in local and long-distance signalling,

with the same transport mechanism as you.

Typically, cytokinins are transported in trains.

Cytokinins act in concert with _________

another binary stimulus machinery.

The two are complementary, having generally opposite effects.